Introducing a full-featured, cloud-based domain crawling service.

Designed, tested and used by SEO Pros!


Easy Domain Crawling

Keyword search. Or manual seed list? Start a new crawl in just seconds. Simply enter keywords related to your niche, then choose a country as indexed by Google and a year in time. We’ll generate the crawl seed list for you. Doesn’t get easier! Or, feel free to get more advanced and manually load your own seed list of sites or URLs to crawl. The choice is yours. Get polished results back in just minutes.

Detailed Crawl Results

Find the gold, in just a few clicks. Our easy-to-use results view allows you to quickly review your results, and filter down to just the quality domains. Filter and sort by domain name, TLD or any metrics column. Save your filter settings as your default. Validate the quality with one click to see the domain’s backlinks, a WayBack archive and more. Then mark your favorite domains, and leave the rubbish behind.

More Metrics

Domain metrics…made easy! We automatically fetch Moz and Majestic* metrics for each domain you find, then load them into your crawl results: Majestic Citation Flow, Trust Flow and Topical Trust Flow plus backlink counts, referring IP, subnets and domains. Moz Domain Authority, Page Authority, MozRank and MozTrust. * If you need Majestic Metrics, be sure to choose the right plan!

Crawl Faster

Find more domains. Thanks to our distributed crawling tech, you can now run multiple jobs simultaneously without a hitch. Harness the 10Gbps of bandwidth we have at our disposal in a world-class datacenter. Why drown your own Internet connection in the office or at home?  We laugh at download limits.

Unblocked. Unlocked!

Crawl without any hassle. We’re using hundreds of premium private proxies, in multiple geo-locations to optimise our crawls. And our (should-be-patented) crawling algorithm is optimised to avoid connection bounces. It looks like a real web browser. That means perfect privacy for you, and great crawl results, always.

Next-level Support

Your success, is our success. Our system was designed, written and is supported in-house. If there’s a change in technology we need to adapt to, enhancements for you that we need to make, or something breaks – who better to be on the case? Not to mention that we’re building a community of like-minded individuals, people just like yourself, who you can learn from and engage with.

Don’t just take my word for it…

25 SEO Pros, just like you, used and abused the expired domain crawler for over 4 months in beta testing.

Their crawls revealed more than 220,000 expired domains!

They saved themselves hundreds of hours of hard work, and thousands of dollars by quickly and easily crawling for expired domains using PBN Lab, rather than paying the premium price for domains at a domain broker.

Just found a legit DA46 site with DOZENS of PR3-PR7 links.  No spam at all, still indexed in Google. It’s mine. The subscription fee paid for itself in 1 hour. Thanks Scott.” Matthew C.

PBN Lab Member, United Kingdom

“PBN Lab takes the hardest part of finding expired domains, and turns it into the best part.” Dom Wells

Beta Tester, Human Proof Designs

“The domains I’ve picked up so far, even on the low end…I’ve found almost $7,000 worth of domains!” Nathan Rossow

Beta Tester, Yak SEO

“I love not having to load a resource heavy software on your laptop and it lets you run multiple searches with just a couple of clicks” Gary Kirwan

Beta Tester

Imagine having practically unlimited access to expired domains today…ready to register any time you like at your favourite domain registrar – for less than $10.


Find your own expired domains today!

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Under the Hood

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial available?
Sorry, but there are no free trials available.
Which TLDs will the crawler find?

The crawler currently supports more than 1,200 gTLDs.  Please review the list of supported domain names here.

Do I need to provide my own Majestic API credentials?
No! If you choose a plan which includes Majestic data, this data is included at no further cost to you. There’s no need for you to provide Majestic API credentials at all. There’s nothing you need to do to make it work, and there are no additional fees you need to be aware of.
Do I need to provide my own Moz API credentials?

Yes! If you want Moz data, it’s easy and takes about 2 minutes to sign up here, and then get your own Moz Access Credentials here.  And inside PBN Lab, you can add your credentials here.

Is there an uptime guarantee, or SLA?
It is my number one priority to ensure that the system is operational 100% of the time, however due to the complex nature of the system, I’m unable to guarantee uptime. I rely on numerous 3rd parties to operate this service, the most important of all include Namecheap for domain availability plus Moz and Majestic for their metric data. At times their systems are taken offline for maintenance, crash or otherwise become unavailable for reasons beyond my control. For periods of extended down time, for whatever reason, I will simply extend the finish date of your Membership plan by an amount of time equal to, or greater than the down time, to compensate for time lost. I reserve the right to take the system offline at any time to perform maintenance and apply software updates. I will perform this work during at a time that will affect the least number of jobs. I will also alert you about any planned outages via email, at least 24 hours notice prior to the outage, where possible.
Are there any limitations?
In terms of usage: there’s nothing you really need to worry about.  You’re welcome to queue up as many jobs as you like, and have the system crawling for you 24 hours a day.  Be my guest.  

What is strictly prohibited:


  • Using the crawler as a bulk domain checker, by bulk loading domains you know have probably expired.

By doing this, you are placing unnecessary load on the domain availability service.nbsp;This is NOT what PBN Lab was designed for, and this behaviour will result in your subscription being halted, or ended, without notice.

What is your refund policy?
You are welcome to a 100% refund within the first 7 days, or before your first 1,000 domains have been processed – whichever comes first.  After this time, refunds will only be given when the service does not function as is described. In the case of downtime, regardless of the cause (a fault within the PBN Lab system itself – or due to downtime by a 3rd party supplier): you will be given an extension on your subscription to compensate for the down time.  Downtime is very rare, and is dealt with as quickly as humanly possible.   Refunds will not be given for any of the following reasons:

  • Change of mind. You’ve simply “changed your mind”, or have decided that PBN Lab is “not for you”.  If you are unsure, please use the trial subscription to test it out.
  • Having trouble finding domains.  There’s no way anyone can control the quantity or quality of the domains you will find when crawling, whether you’re using PBN Lab or any other method for crawling.  This is not a fault of the product, it’s just part of the course.

Refunds will be given without hesitation when the system does not function as advertised, or where there is a fault and you have not been provided support or a solution to a technical issue within a reasonable timeframe.