Backend – 17th December 2019

Metrics Engine v5.1.0.0 Release: Fixed an issue where domains with cached domain availability and also cached metrics were not being blocked, despite being identified as spam.

v4.9.0.1 – 22nd October 2019

Bug fixes: On the Crawler Results page, when exporting results to CSV, the Domain Keyword filter was being ignored. This has now been resolved.

Backend – 6th October 2019

Enhancement: Updated domain availability configuration, providing better support for Czechoslovak TLD (.CZ domains).

v4.9.0.0 – 3rd October 2019

New feature: The Bulk Keyword Search feature was added, allowing users to add hundreds of keywords to be crawled in one batch. See the introduction video on YouTube. The Bulk Keyword Search – easily add hundreds of keywords, mix-and-match your search location and year, and create crawl jobs en...
Domains supported by the Expired Domain Crawler

Domains supported by the Expired Domain Crawler

A vital step of the process when crawling for expired domains, is validating domain availability, so I can be 100% certain that it’s available right now for hand-registration with any domain registrar. See the the complete list of 1200+ domains supported by the domain crawler below. Last updated: 17th January 2017. Supported Domains: Domains with the following TLDs are supported: .abbvie .abogado .abudhabi .ac .academy .accountants .aco .active .actor .ad .adac .ads .adult .ae .aeg .aero .af .afl .ag .agakhan .agency .airbus .airforce .airtel .akdn .allfinanz .ally .alsace .alstom .am .amsterdam .android .anquan .anz .apartments .app .apple .aq .aquarelle .archi .army .arpa .art .arte .as .asia .associates .at .attorney .au .auction .audi .audio .auto .autos .avianca .aw .baidu .band .bank .bar .barcelona .barclaycard .barefoot .bargains .bauhaus .bbc .bbva .bcg .bcn .be .beats .beer .bentley .berlin .best .bet .bg .bi .bid .bike .bingo .bio .biz .bj .black .blackfriday .blanco .blog .blue .bms .bn .bnl .bnpparibas .boats .boehringer .bom .bond .boo .boots .bosch .bostik .boutique .br .broker .brother .brussels .bugatti .build .builders .business .buy .buzz .bw .by .bz .bzh .ca .cab .cafe .cal .cam .camera .camp .cancerresearch .canon .capetown .capital .car .cards .care .career .careers .cars .casa .cash .casino .cat .catering .cba .cc .cd .ceb .center .ceo .cern .cf .cfa .cfd .cg .ch .chanel .channel .chat .cheap .chintai .christmas .chrome .church .ci .cipriani .city .cityeats .cl .claims .cleaning .click .clinic .clinique .clothing .cloud .club .clubmed .cm .cn .co