Testimonials from PBN Labbers

Expired Domain Crawler TestimonialsThis week (15th September 2015) I’ve reached out to current and past subscribers for some open and honest feedback on PBN Lab’s speed, ease of use and the support they’ve received.

In all honestly I was actually a little nervous doing this. I’ve invested myself so deeply in PBN Lab over the past year, with the somewhat-excessive amount of time and effort I’ve put into the system as a whole – the last thing I wanted to receive was negative feedback!

I’ve been completely floored by the positive feedback I’ve received in the last day…I only wish I’d done this sooner!

Some feedback I’ve received highlights some additional features that it seems most subscribers are chasing, like spam detection/filtering and even more specific filtering of domain results – which is on my “developmentĀ to-do list”. It’s just a matter of time.

Without further ado, here’s the feedback I’ve received to date…

I found a DA47 PR3 domain name the first night I used it. Within a week I have over 1200 high da domain names!

Kirk Bowlen

Brisbane, Australia, Kurioz

Probably the best, hands-off domain scraper there is at the moment.


Los Angeles

I’m no longer at the mercy of domain brokers and scrapers. I’ve found a ton of niche-relevant, high-authority domains with minimal work. Highly recommended.


Vancouver, Canada, Catological

If you are looking to expand your PBN empire and need domains without paying an arm and leg for them then PBN Lab is the way to go. System is fast and reliable.

Megan Paterson

United States, Sunny Hydro

I enjoy using PBN Lab. I have used this service on many occasions to help me dominate my market.
Also this great crawler helped me to get my competitors and to rank above them…
Tools like PBN Lab represent a real treasure trove of expired domains, that I never could have found myself.

Alexander P.

Moscow, DTLV

PBN Lab is above all, extremely easy to use. It is also web-based so it crawls with no need no run a program in my computer. Right now I think it is a unique service with one of the most user-friendly interfaces in the market.


Madrid, Spain, Discos Duros

I really appreciate your service. Fast. Very fast. And very easy to use!



“Finding available, expired domains on the surface sounds like a very easy and simple task. So I jumped in and boy was I wrong! I’ve spent hours and lots of good money on domain broker sites like freshdrop and then battling it out at auction. I’ve also spent many, many hours and lots of money setting up a scraping operation with a scraper, proxies, vps, and other tools/accounts needed.

Needless to say my success was pretty close to zero with scraping and I was beginning to run out of patience with auctions and going through domain brokers getting questionable domains. THEN, I stumbled on PBN Lab.

OMG, I watched the initial training video and downloaded the keyword spreadsheet when you register. Within the first hour or so I had my first few domains. Within 48 hours I had accumulated tons of results and filtered them down to high metric, powerful domains. PBN Lab found me very good domains within a couple days that I’ve spent weeks, months doing manually. There is no other comparison out there!”

Randy P.

Honolulu, HI

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