Are you using a CDN for any of your web sites?

Are you using a #CDN? If your web site is hosted in the country where the vast majority of your visitors are…is there really any benefit?


  1. Scott can’t find your price for what you charge.

    • Hi Gary,

      Thanks for the question. It’s funny you ask, because I haven’t given this much thought. And I don’t have an answer.

      If you’re interested, I ask that you join my pre-launch short list today.

      If you’re able to help me out with a review or better, I’ll happily give you *free access to my service* in return. If you’re not in a position to help me out, at least I can then let you know when the service is online, and what it’ll cost!

      I’ll also be giving away *a handful of premium domains for free* to celebrate the launch. So that’s another good reason to get on my short list.

      Hope to speak again soon!


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