Backend – 17th December 2019

Metrics Engine v5.1.0.0 Release: Fixed an issue where domains with cached domain availability and also cached metrics were not being blocked, despite being identified as spam.

v4.9.0.1 – 22nd October 2019

Bug fixes: On the Crawler Results page, when exporting results to CSV, the Domain Keyword filter was being ignored. This has now been resolved.

Backend – 6th October 2019

Enhancement: Updated domain availability configuration, providing better support for Czechoslovak TLD (.CZ domains).

v4.9.0.0 – 3rd October 2019

New feature: The Bulk Keyword Search feature was added, allowing users to add hundreds of keywords to be crawled in one batch. See the introduction video on YouTube. The Bulk Keyword Search – easily add hundreds of keywords, mix-and-match your search location and year, and create crawl jobs en...