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Just found a legit DA46 site with DOZENS of PR3-PR7 links.  No spam at all, still indexed in Google. It’s mine. The subscription fee paid for itself in 1 hour. Thanks Scott.”

Matthew C.

PBN Lab Member, United Kingdom

“PBN Lab takes the hardest part of finding expired domains, and turns it into the best part.” Dom Wells

Owner, Human Proof Designs

“The domains I’ve picked up so far, even on the low end…I’ve found almost $7,000 worth of domains!” Nathan Rossow

Owner, Yak SEO

“I love not having to load a resource heavy software on your laptop and it lets you run multiple searches with just a couple of clicks” Gary Kirwan

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Try a reverse site crawl when you're looking for expired domains...

Reverse Site Crawls

With PBN Lab, you can “reverse crawl” crawl hundreds of websites, with just a few minutes of set up.

Watch this 3-minute video now, where I show you exactly how easily I found a handful expired domains in the health niche.

600 Niche-Specific Domains in 1 Crawl!

How do you find 600 niche-specific domains with just one crawl?

With my new Single Site Crawl method, you can now easily crawl a whole web directory in your niche or target an authority site to find the expired domains they link out to.

Check out the video now!

A systematic approach to crawling for expired domains

Find Your First 10 Expired Domains

In this post I share with you the systematic approach I use to constantly reveal great expired domains.

This is almost literally a formula for finding domains.

And the best part is…you don’t need to think hard, you just need to fill in the blanks!

How to avoid burning out when you start crawling for your own domains...

4 Things to Avoid when Crawling

Crawling over and over, only to find more-of-the-same or rubbish domains? How do you avoid getting burned out?

In this post I highlight a few traps that you can avoid when crawling for domains, so you can keep on winning!